Observations of people+technology that strike me as peculiar. I delete this and add new ones every so often.

July 23 7:36pm

A group of guys asked to use my land for “mudding” and just to find out what mudding was I said sure. All of their trucks hung a flag out of the bed. Their trucks also had what they referred to as ‘truck nuts’ - I have attached a picture.

The leader and most out spoken of the group had the biggest nuts. The one who joked a lot had tiny little nuts.

July 30 10:27am

I am in a Starbucks for the third time ever and an older lady near me keeps telling her younger coworker to ‘slack’ her and I cannot figure out what it means

August 5 5:55pm

I was at my sister’s and I caught a glance of a message board on her computer out of the corner of my eye. I asked what it was. She reluctantly told me it was a message board for moms who have lost their children. She has never had a kid die. I asked her why and she couldn’t or wouldn’t explain. It was this one: https://forums.grieving.com/index.php?/forum/14-loss-of-a-child


At Walmart I saw everyone using self-checkout lanes. So I got in line as well. I could not figure out how to put cash into the machine (I’m unbanked and have been for years) so I put my items in a bag and walk out with them. The old Walmart greeter waved goodbye.

August 8 Evening

I keep seeing the dog filter from Snapchat. or the iPhone camera. I think this is pretty funny.